Visit Cyprus

Procedures of the Honorary General Consulate of the Republic of Cyprus in the republic of Moldova for the issuance of entry visas into the republic of Cyprus

All applicants:

Must come to the Honorary General Consulate bringing with them their passport
Must fill in and sing the “Application for Visa Form”
Must fill in the questionnaire of the Honorary General Consulate of the Republic of Cyprus in the Republic of Moldova
Must have one recent photograph of themselves which will be attached on the “Application for Visa Form”
Must pay the sum of 10.25 Euro (for a single entry visa) or 34.17 Euro (for a multiple entry visa) as visa fees upon receiving confirmation from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Cyprus that the applicant is eligible for an entry visa


Must deposit a duly filled-in and signed “Assumption of Responsibility for Hosting” form.
Must deposit a copy of Bank guarantee issued by a Cyprus bank to the sum of 513 Euro for visitors from CIS and other Eastern European countries. The guarantee covers possible cost of repartiation.
Must present copy of the host passport.
Must present a copy of the host’s residence permit - ‘Pink Slip’ (if the host is not a Cypriot citizen).
Must present certificate of marriage of the host (if the host is married to Cypriot).
Must give an assurance that upon arrival he / she will have at least 60 Euro in cash

It should be marked that the Semi-Government Organizations are autonomous and their operation condition from laws and are found under the control of ministries of the executive power.
These are common utility organizations which provide essential services and in which the State is the major shareholder. The most important are:

Government Ministries